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PostSubject: PUCCA and GARU   Tue Jun 09, 2009 4:10 pm



Garu was in danger and fighting Tobe. He was losing until Pucca came in to save the day and with a few punches and kicks defeating Tobe.

"I get you and your little girl too!" Tobe screamed. Pucca turn around to see Garu. He anime sweat dropped and ran away. Pucca watch and cried as he left.

Pucca sat in the distance the boy she care about ran away from her for the 20th time,

'I don't ever want to talk...I mean see him again,' She said silently.

"Hey Pucca," Ching said. Pucca made a silent smile. She grab her hand and ran to mall with her.

"What are we doing Pucca?",Ching ask.

'We're going to give me a new look,' Pucca replied silently. She carried some clothes and Ching understand.

"Are you sure Pucca," Ching question.

'Positive,' Pucca replied.

The Next Day.

Garu let out a yawn and went out to meditate. Until he was disturbed by his friend Abyo.

"Garu! Did you see Pucca she hot," Abyo said. Garu crocked a eye brow, but kept that strict look. Garu stood and went to Pucca's house/restaurant.

Garu listen to Abyo talking about the new Pucca. Garu nodded head listen to his friend describe her.

"She hotter than hot no wait hottest person I ever seen," Abyo rambling on. Garu look for a seat and sat down and didn't seem to care. He look at the menu to see what to order.

'Hi Garu,' A similar voice said. Garu look up from his menu and he blush and anime sweat drop. It was true Pucca was hotter and different.

She had her hair out she wore a red head band. She wore red eye shadow with lip stick. Her eyes were open and you can she brown tiny eyes. Her outfit look like a female ninja outfit. It was a black dress with a heart on both sides of her shoulder. She wore red high heels too. She look gorgeous in Garu eyes.

He made a sweet smile and put his hand on his face and look at Pucca in awe.

'Hi Pucca,' Garu replied 'I see you change your outfit.'

'Garu don't worry. I am finish chasing you it a waist of my time,' Pucca said.

"Whoa, dude I think you been dump," Abyo said.

"Abyo!" Ching hissed and pulled him away from the seen.

'Did I do something to upset you?' Garu ask a little upset.

'Everyday you ignore me I can't like someone when I know they hate me, we could still be friends, right,' Pucca suggested.

'Yeah, friends,' Garu responded. Why am I not jumping for joy you finally gotten rid of her Garu ask himself.

'Bye,' Pucca said. Is it because I actually love her deep down Garu thought.



Garu walked alone depress something inside him miss Pucca ,the girl he ran away from, hidden form when he was desperate, there was no one who actually care about him.

“Hiya! Hey Garu what wrong I thought you be happy not being around Pucca?” Abyo question his friend behavior.

‘It just that I miss her inside my heart for some reason… Have you ever felt this way before?’ Garu said silently.

“Sorry pal you got to find a way yourself to get Pucca back,” Abyo said. What does he mean by that, Garu thought. He titled his head in confusion.

“Sorry Garu I got to get home before my dad get angry,” Abyo said leaving a puzzle Garu. Garu went home thinking only one thing ,Pucca. Her body shining in the distance. The way she kiss him playfully. The way she giggle. Her power and stubbornness. Why did she love him in the first place? Ah I remember a long time ago when Garu first met Pucca.


Garu was a quiet boy who had few friends mainly Abyo and Ching. He use to talk as much as Abyo and Ching but something terrible happen in Garu mind ,Pucca. It all started when Garu meditating with his kitten Mio under a tree. Pucca notice the boy and climbed up thee tree and went upside down and smiled at him.

“Hi I am Pucca what your name?” Pucca ask with her cheerful, sweet voice. Garu blushed he stood and walked away.

“I am Pucca ,you?” She asked. Garu looked at her then away.

“I am Garu,” He said heading home. Pucca followed him.

“Are you hungry I can get you some soup!” Pucca suggested.

“Sure ,love some,” Garu said. She ran off in a normal speed. Hidden in the bushes was Tobe.

“Ah, it seems Garu has himself a girlfriend,” Tobe whisper “Ninjas we shall attack now!”

The ninjas ran from different angles attacking Garu. Garu jumped in the air frighten as he using his swords to dodge. Pucca ran towards Garu and saw him being attacked dropping the noodles she race as fast as she could.

“I’ll save you Garu!” Pucca shouted as she chased after him. She attack them with full force.

“Simply amazing! Retreat Ninjas!” Tobe order. Pucca stood up with plain pride.

“Maybe you need to thank your night in shining armor!” Pucca joked. Garu stared at her in disbelief.

Pucca leaned towards Garu next to his ear.

“You know I mean give her a kiss!” Pucca suggested.

Garu blushed madly. Pucca leaned in and kiss him. Garu try to move away and suddenly felt a tongue engulf his mouth. She wrapped her arms around him. Suddenly Garu put his arm around her and closed his eyes happily. They parted from their kiss to look at each other eyes.

“Maybe we should keep this a secret,” Garu suggested “Maybe in a code of ilents.”

“Sure!” Pucca agreed. And since that day been quite and having funny romance stories like that for years ,until now.

End Flashback.

‘I am a idiot,’ Garu thought as he buried his hand in his face.

Chapter Three: GARU's CONFESSION


I do not having any passionate feelings towards Pucca. Sure, she may be gorgeous, but isn’t it what on the inside that counts? Why do I love her all the sudden? Is it because she rejected me? Or maybe because she was my first kiss and when her lips were on top of me these new emotions and pain and torment was formed on my heart for more? She kind, sweet, a great ninja, and the only girl who chases, well beside Ring-Ring, but I doubt she has any romantic feelings.

Get a hold of yourself Garu! You d-don’t l-love her. No say it this time with more force. You d-don’t, gash! I can’t even say it! That it you idiot you love her, you can’t denial it now.

What am I suppose to do now? Just walk up to her house and say “I am sorry for all those years of running away, and eve trying to go inside a lion mouth to escape. But now I realize I love you after you rejected me.” I might as well slam the door in my face. So I just can’t kiss her, hug her, make her love me? If only she understand that I am to young for all these emotional feelings. I am thirteen and she eleven it just seems odd for us to date.

Maybe I am being paranoid. I find myself walking to her house. I feel my heart racing faster every second. I reach the door of her room. I let out a sigh and knock. I hear the words “I am coming.” Then I saw the eye of my true love. God, do I feel like a idiot. I try my best smile and scratch the back of my head trying my best not get lost in those brown chocolate eyes.

“Pucca we need to talk,” I finally was able to say. Her facial expression shows confusion, but never less she stepped aside letting me inside her room. I look around her room seeing pink hearts and red colors. I felt something missing like there was nothing in here, but a girl, not Pucca.

“What is it that you want to talk about Garu?” She asked innocently. I try my best not look at her, but instead look at the room as if curious.

“About…us,” I bluntly stated. Just jump to the telling true fully about your love towards her, smooth. I hear a voice in the back of my head that remind me of Abyo.

“There no ‘us’” She says with air quotes. I sigh and turn the other direction and try not to look at her.

“It just that… I care about you, I just can’t return your feelings. I try many time to kiss you back like…before, but I am just not a good kisser,” I explained. Her eyes brows seem to burry in furry, but she didn’t say anything.

“Maybe I am just not use to be love. I never felt kindness like you do. Maybe if I had parents I would have more emotions towards love. It just that I can’t tell if I love you right now. Could you answer me a question?” I said. She looked at me obviously confuse again. She nods her anyway.

“Does love feel like your heart is being kicking several times by ninjas? Your always blushing whenever your around the person you like. You just wish they kiss you already? Does your agony and several pain hurts you when your not the one rescuing your love? Do you feel a tad jealous around other couples or when the one you care about is hanging with another male or female? Is that love?” I asked. She blinks several times and a little smile grows on that small chubby face. She walks closer to me and her eyes are close back to way they use to be. The way I like it.

“Well, it depends. Who the lucky girl or boy?” She ask, pretending she doesn’t have a clue. My face leans closer to her face that I can smell the noodles I always enjoy. Even though in the end I always end up on her lips.

“Why Pucca it Ring-Ring!” I joked. Her face darkens suddenly not quite catching the joke and she pinches my shoulder. I laugh slightly and I saw she found no humor in this.

“You know it you, Pucca.”

“You know that wasn’t funny. You ruin the moment!”

“I know, so do you forgive me?” I asked my eyes large and hopeful. She peck me on the cheek and I feel myself blush.

“Of course,” She forgiven me. I hug her so tightly that I hear her gasp and try to escape. I laugh at this and she soon joins me.

So me and Pucca are back together. Weird, I always try to escape from her but look at me now. I am the one chasing her. So I have no idea what love like yet. But hopefully she will lead me through the tragic moments.

I am staring into her close eyes and feel my head lean in and try to kiss her lips. Oh, my it odd it feel like I am being touch by a angel. I odd our lips fit perfectly on top of each other, it even harder to tell if we are making out or not sometimes from others eyes. Soon I feel her in my mouth. I play with it myself. I ran my hands down her spine. I hear her grunt, but I don’t want to stop never…..
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PostSubject: Re: PUCCA and GARU   Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:48 am

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.... Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

affraid affraid affraid

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PostSubject: Re: PUCCA and GARU   Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:30 am

Ano yun???

Ang haba eh...pede paki paikliin mo n lng...ahaha

Nakakatmad bshn eh.....nyahaha

lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: PUCCA and GARU   

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