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PostSubject: about vazhReLoaDed   Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:03 pm

Vash is not human, but a human-like "Plant". Plants are
inter-dimensional beings that are tapped as a source of power and
energy for the planet Gunsmoke, similar to the "Fast-Friends" from the
George R.R. Martin short story of the same name.

As a Plant, his body does not physically age past his
mid-twenties. Vash is actually 131 years old in the anime, 150 in the
manga by the end of the first series and 152 by the beginning of the
second series. Vash requires a special Angel Gun to activate his powers.

Shortly after he receives his Angel Gun from his brother, Vash
shoots Knives in the leg, then takes both guns and flees into the

He spends two years alone wandering Gunsmoke until he finally
collapses. He is rescued by humans from the only remaining functioning
SEEDS ship on the planet, which didn't quite crash during "The Great

While there, he makes human friends and is gifted with his signature
red (duster styled) trench coat. After a few months he leaves and
ventures out into the world. Vash returns to the ship 80 years later in
search of any relatives of Rem in its databanks and finds the last one
alive: PASSENGER NO.300-89-9023AS, or "Revenant Buskus". Buskus had
studied Plants and established a new plant-theory in July City.

Vash goes to July City in the hopes of meeting him, but instead
finds Knives standing over Revenant's dead body. In the ensuing
firefight, Knives shoots Vash's left arm off. He then activates Vash's
Angel Arm in an attempt to destroy the city and everyone in it, but
Vash turns the Angel Arm on Knives instead, resulting in the July

Vash's full name is never revealed however, in the anime, when Vash first meets Wolfwood, he introduces himself as Valentinez
Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent
Pierre Andry Charton-Haymoss Ivanovicci Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser
. When Milly says Vash the Stampede, Vash tells Milly she should not use his 'real name' all the time.

In episode 23 of the anime, Nicholas D. Wolfwood asks for Vash's real
name, but Vash answers 'Just between you and me, my name is
irrelevant'. Later in the story Vash "puts down his gun", hoping to
leave his bounty hunted life and start over.

He then goes by the name Kanan or when some call him Eriks.
Wolfwood starts to look for Vash, and finds him in a town full of
criminal gangs in which their leader calls himself Vash The Stampede.


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about vazhReLoaDed
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